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Precontact[ edit ] Evidence of human occupation of California dates from at least 19, years ago. Prior to contact with Europeans, the California region contained the highest Native American population density north of what is now Mexico. Two early southern California cultural traditions include the La Jolla Complex and the Pauma Complex , both dating from ca. From to BC, regional diversity developed, with the peoples making fine-tuned adaptations to local environments. Traits recognizable to historic tribes were developed by approximately BC. They controlled fire on a regional scale to create a low-intensity fire ecology ; this prevented larger, catastrophic fires and sustained a low-density “wild” agriculture in loose rotation. A form of fire-stick farming was used to clear areas of old growth to encourage new in a repeated cycle; a primitive permaculture. Different tribes encountered non-native European explorers and settlers at widely different times. The southern and central coastal tribes encountered Spanish and British explorers in the mid th century. Tribes such as the Quechan or Yuman Indians in present-day southeast California and southwest Arizona first encountered Spanish explorers in the s and s.

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Trained in engineering, he first built roadways servicing gold and silver mines. His early successes allowed him to buy a seat on the San Francisco Stock Exchange, during which time he joined the ranks of the city’s rich and powerful, including George Hearst, Leland Stanford and Charles Crocker. Ralphine North McDonald b. Mark Lindsey McDonald b. An extensive tree planting program, implemented with the assistance of famed local botanist Luther Burbank, introduced some imported species while preserving existing native examples.

His other business interests included fruit packing plants and drying yards in the area.

California’s cities are incredibly diverse, offering an array of activities and cultural experiences to visitors and locals alike. From the vibrant culture of San Francisco to the celebrity appeal of Hollywood to the natural beauty of cities like South Lake Tahoe and Visalia, home to Sequoia National Park, there’s something for everyone in California.

October 23, The new fossil is one of two recently discovered tusks that challenge the idea that climate change killed off the Channel Islands’ pygmy mammoths , said Daniel Muhs, a geologist with the U. Geological Survey in Denver, who described the find Sunday Oct. The pint-size beasts disappeared from the islands about 12, years ago. Most researchers blame either the Earth’s warming climate or the arrival of humans on the islands for the mammoth’s demise, he said.

But pygmy mammoths likely survived a steamier, more severe climate swing about , years ago. Stunning Mammoth Unearthed in Siberia ] Muhs and his collaborators discovered an 80, year-old pygmy mammoth tusk half-buried in the edge of a sea stack on Santa Rosa Island’s northwest coast. With a few more storms, the rare fossil — just 3 inches 8 centimeters wide and 2 feet 62 cm long — might have disappeared forever into the Pacific, washed out of the rock pedestal.

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Before the arrival of Europeans, the Santa Rosa Plain was home to a strong and populous tribe of Pomo natives known as the Bitakomtara. The Bitakomtara controlled the area closely, barring passage to others until permission was arranged. Those who entered without permission were subject to harsh penalties. Upon the arrival of Europeans, the Pomos were decimated by smallpox brought from Europe, and by the eradication efforts of Anglo settlers.

Jun 15,  · John Ash & Co. is a Santa Rosa institution, where the eponymous owner was known as the “father of Wine Country Cuisine.” The decor is Old World with vineyard views and an .

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Matthew Bjorkman and Britney Elsbury-Orris During our undergraduate years at Penn State , we worked in the Zooarchaeology labs sorting shell midden assemblages from the California Channel Islands. The project was a part of Dr. Five years later, we were lucky enough to receive an invite from Dr. Jazwa to participate in a week-long survey on Santa Rosa Island.

The goals of the project were to survey new areas of the island, primarily the interior, to identify and record new archaeological sites for the National Park Service NPS.

The boat ride to Santa Rosa Island can be an experience in itself with frequent marine life sightings and a stop by Painted Cave, one of the largest sea caves in the world, on the return trip.

However, it wasn’t until December that the island came under the ownership of the National Park Service. Located 40 nautical miles from the Channel Islands National Park visitor center in Ventura, Santa Rosa is the second largest island in California at approximately 53, acres in size. The island’s relatively low profile is broken by a high, central mountain range, rising 1, feet at its highest point.

Its coastal areas are variable, ranging from broad, sandy beaches gently sloping toward a dynamic ocean to sheer cliffs plunging toward the turmoil of a sea intent on changing the contour of the land. As on its larger neighbor, Santa Cruz Island, these varied landforms support a diverse array of plant and animal species. About plant species can be found within nine plant communities, including six plant species found only on Santa Rosa and nowhere else in the world.

One of these species, the Santa Rosa Island subspecies of Torrey pine, is considered one of the rarest pines in the world-the last enduring members of a once widespread Pleistocene forest. Santa Rosa Island also hosts over bird and three mammal species including the island’s largest native mammal, the endemic island fox ; two amphibian and three reptile species; and colonies of seabirds, seals, and sea lions.

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The vines are bright and green, the sky is clear and blue, and the picnic tables are urging a long, lazy lunch in sun-dappled shade. I glance over at a mini mountain of wine bottles piled under a charred tree. And the changing direction of those winds is also to blame for the randomness of the aftermath: Forty-three people perished, making it the deadliest wildfire in Californian history.

An estimated 8, structures were destroyed, many of them homes. But a region that largely relies on tourism has also retained most of what makes it a world-class destination:

Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa has a long history in Sonoma County dating back to when the first hospital was opened. The current site was constructed in .

WATCH Thousands flee as wildfires ravage California 0 Shares Entire neighborhoods were scorched beyond recognition in the Santa Rosa, California area, after fast-moving wildfires tore through, killing at least 11 people in Sonoma County. Interested in California Wildfires? The neighborhood is gone. Hundreds of houses burnt to the ground. Hundreds of families displaced.

Fires are still burning uncontrollably. I tried digging through the debris hoping something of mine was still there. I thankfully have most my clothes, and whatever valuables I could throw into my car in the 20 minute period between waking up, and being forced to leave despite wanting to grab more of my things.

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The grounds also contain a greenhouse, one acre of gardens planted with Burbank creations, and his grave. Go boating throughout the year in a canoe, kayak, paddle boat, or windsurfer; rentals available May through September, or bring your own craft up to 16 feet in length, no gas-powered engines allowed. Life jackets must be worn while on the lake. The lake is stocked with sunfish, catfish, and large-mouth bass, allowing you to catch lunch or dinner and, if you like, grill it on one of the picnic area grills.

Anyone over 16 needs a California fishing license. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, the lake provides a lovely 3-acre swimming lagoon with a sandy beach.

Santa Rosa Junior College is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the recognized local agency that is affiliated with the Federation of Regional Accrediting Commissions of Higher Education.

Unless it is for Super Often Sought after area Typically a hard area for people from “outside” Santa Rosa to understand, but after you are here you get it! This can better be broken down into 2 neighborhoods: The Mcdonald Area with its’ historic mansions dating back to the ‘s including the famous Mableton House on McDonald Ave is where local “old money” goes.

Mcdonald avenue the original main street is an eye popper for good architecture and excellent stewardship of these prized homes. The larger ones are typically sqft. It has been lovingly updated but still very true to its’ heritage and like most of the substantial homes on the avenue it has a sizable basement as well. Foothill is commonly referred to as The Proctor Terrace area due to the elementary school by the same name being located here.

This school represents well and has so for decades with its’ vaunted parental support and true “walk-ability” from around the homes in the area. Pacific Market is gracefully poised within the neighborhood and offers an amazing butcher shop, quaint coffee stand, a “Sandy’s” Take-n-bake pizza as well as Carmen’s Burger Bar neighborhood favorite. Homes in the Proctor Terrace Area vary from sqft. You will find a very high owner occupied ratio as well. We have personally lived in and remodeled 5 homes ourselves in this area.

Pros Pride of ownership Historic neighborhood Get the coffee in hand and the dog on the leash and go for a walk here Cons.

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